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How Much Does A Logo Design Cost - Pricing Breakdown Guide

The cost of a logo design can range from $100 to over $100,000 and more. If you are a small startup the average price is between $5,000 - $10K. We break it down.

How Much Does A Logo Design Cost - Pricing Breakdown Guide

Your entire brand is anchored around your logo. The right logo should be simple, versatile, and well-crafted for the consumer. A logo can make or break a company if not designed the first time correctly. But this begs the question, how much does a logo design cost? Multiple factors go into the cost of logo design, both from an agency standpoint and as a small business owner. Let's break down the price so you can make the right decision for your business and logo design cost.

Hiring a professional logo designer or agency provides a higher level of confidence and minimizes risk when designing a logo that best represents you and your brand. There are multiple options, prices, packages, and service levels to look for. This article will help you make the right decision and provide insight into what you are getting for your money.

How much does a logo design cost?

The cost of a logo design is anywhere from $0 to tens of thousands of dollars, but if you’re a small business or startup looking for a low-risk and professional logo for your brand, a good logo design should cost between $5,000-$10,000.

Logo design prices vary based on location, designer, agency, market value, and budget restrictions. Let us help you through the design process to make the best spending decision for you and your company.

Logo Design Cost Comparison Chart

There are four types of logo design options on the market today. They are online logo generators, logo contests, freelancers, and logo design agencies. Each option provides a different logo cost, service, and value. Above is a chart that gives a brief overview of each and what to expect as a price range for logo design.

Under $100 | Low-Cost Logo Design

Logo designs that cost under $100 are usually designed with a logo generator or crowdsourcing like Fiverr. These options are typically needed by those with a very small or no budget and no time to spend.

Online Logo Generator

Besides creating a logo yourself, the cheapest alternative is an online logo generator such as Free Logo Design or Tailor Brands. These services are free to design your logo but usually cost between $10-$100 to purchase the final product. These are great for anyone within an extremely tight budget or limited timeframe to create a higher-end logo. If you are ok with a generic logo and are not looking for a design that is unique to your brand or represents what your company is about, this may be the best option for you.

There are risks with choosing a low-cost logo design using a logo generator. If you plan on using the logo for long-term use (over a year), you may find that you will need to rebrand in the future to represent your growing brand accurately. Depending on current printing costs (vehicle wraps, business cards, letterheads, brochures, website assets, etc.), it may end up costing more money down the road to rebrand and reprint than it would have the logo professionally designed first time around. Also, changing a brand's logo could potentially have adverse effects on a customer’s perception of your brand and cost more to have a proper strategy.

generic logos
Examples of generic logos that online generators create

Examples of generic logos that online generators create

In rare cases, you may be able to have a freelancer design your logo for under $100. Make sure to ask the right questions when choosing a designer. Questions like:

  • Will my logo come in vector format?
  • Will my logo contain any copyrighted iconography or designs?
  • Will I receive multiple formats for my logo?
  • Can I see your past work?

These questions will help you determine if the low-cost freelancer will be worth the investment or will end up being a headache. A stolen design is typical to find when using a low-cost logo design service. We often find that generic logos are sourced from other designs currently in the marketplace, making them stolen designs. If your company is caught using one of these designs, you could be sued for tens of thousands of dollars, even if you had no knowledge that the work was copyrighted or stolen. We see cases of this happening all the time.

$100 - $800 | Mid Range & Affordable Logo Design Cost

If you are looking for a logo from a human designer or junior freelancer looking to start their career, you have landed in the suitable price range. Many freelancers work with companies like 99 Designs or create their portfolio part-time either while in or fresh out of college. These designers usually have high ambition and entry-level design skills. They charge a lower rate because there is no design strategy in place to position your brand in the right direction. They also may use generic designs or create logos inspired by others. You can find a talented logo designer that will provide a spot-on unique logo for your brand from time to time. Again, just make sure you ask the right questions before hiring a designer.

Branding Guidelines & Style Guide
Branding Guidelines & Style Guide

Crowdsourcing or design competition companies like 99 Designs use the talents of many junior or new freelance designers to create multiple concepts to choose from. This can allow you to choose from more than one style. If you have a tight budget and limited time, we recommend using a mid-range level designer over an online logo maker or Fiverr all day long. You can at least have some sense of comfort that your final product will be legal and creative.

$800 - $3500 | Professional Logo Design Cost

Professional freelancers or startup design agencies are great starting points for many startup businesses. At this price point, you would be working with a freelance designer that is considered "seasoned." They understand that design, color, and typography combine for the perfect look and feel. They will most likely take more time to get to know your wants and needs for a logo and have a basic level of strategy in place. You may also receive additional deliverables such as a style guide, mockups, and presentations depending on the level of investment. Style guides are essential because your brand will remain consistent as your company grows.

There is a significant difference between $800 and $3500. This is mainly due to the level of experience that the designer has and what is included with your final package. Extra revisions, deliverables, and time may factor into the cost, especially if the designer or agency charges by the hour. Make sure to ask the right questions regarding pricing and ask for a contract before moving forward with a logo design.

Smaller agencies may be able to accommodate a logo for $2000 - $3500 if they are new or are limited on the number of resources they have to dedicate to your design. Like freelancers, most likely, they are still providing three concepts with limited revisions and less to no extra deliverables. There is nothing wrong with this method, but in this case, we would recommend just hiring a freelancer as they may provide the same result.

$5,000 Or More | High-End Logo Design Cost

Many people ask the question, "Why does a logo cost so much if I just get a logo in the end?" This is a great question. If you spend more than $5000 on a logo design, you will most likely be working with a professional logo design agency like us. While you get a logo at the end of the day, you get much more. Below are some benefits of working with an agency vs. a freelancer.

  • Little to no risk to your business. (Some agencies like ours guarantee our work.)
  • Strategy-led design. (There is a strategy in place for your logo to make you money or save you money in the long run.)
  • Multiple professional designers with different design styles to match your target market.
  • Focus groups are used to make sure your logo is widely accepted and liked.
  • High-quality presentations and mockups are used to see your options in real life before you decide.
  • Color pallets, mood boards, and discovery are used or shown before designing.
  • Multiple packages with different deliverables are offered for cost-saving brand designs.
  • Extensive proposals with timeline, cost, scope of work, company testimonials, and references are provided.
  • Hundreds of concepts narrowed down through extensive filtering for the best to be presented (usually 3 - 6 concepts).
  • Brand strategists come in at the end of the process to full proof the logo and brand for success.
  • An advanced style guide for brand consistency as your company grows.
  • And a lot more...

Design Strategy & Discovery
Design Strategy & Discovery

Design Strategy & Discovery

As you can see, hiring an agency comes with many benefits outside of just the logo. The process and the strategy make it unique and low risk for your investment. In everything you do in business, there is always a strategy in place to make sure it operates efficiently and correctly. Design is no different. Most freelancers are designers or business strategists, but rarely are they both. This poses a significant risk when working on branding. Many freelancers can create a work of art, but without the research on your industry, competitors, design trends, company revenue goals, consumer outlook, company vision, market research, core values, etc. That work of art has no value. Agencies like ours bridge the gap between the design and strategy to minimize risk and create a compelling brand that provides value to the company and consumer. Its effective, impactful, and exciting.

What Should I Receive Regardless of Cost?

Any option you choose for logo design should provide at least these three deliverables:

  • The final logo is in at least vector format.
  • Web safe and high-quality logo formats
  • Full legal copyright (meaning the logo is owned by you)

Without these three deliverables, your logo is not even considered a logo. You will be limited on how you can use, print, or display your logo.

Suppose you are interested in hiring an agency for your logo design. Feel free to reach out to us here. We would be more than happy to discuss your needs and goals.


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