About Vava Graphics - Our Story

Our history started with falling in love with Charlotte, and having the goal of serving our community. We still hold that goal today but on a much larger scale. Our history of design and photography had led to where we are today, and we are excited you are a part of it. Let's create history together.









Our mission is to make an impact
with every business in charlotte

Charlotte is our home, our family, and our livelihood. We love this city down to our core. We want Charlotte to become the next city for designers, and creative artists to feel at home, and for businesses small or large to call home. Our mission is to help every company in Charlotte move forward and make in impact in the community through our design services we offer and our creative knowledge we have gained. We are passionate about helping startups, and small businesses succeed in a competitive marketplace like Charlotte.


Charlotte Logo Design


Owner & founder Tristan Van Aken, started as a photographer & designer in 2012 serving local and small businesses around Charlotte and surrounding areas. The acronym "VAVA" Stands for Van Aken Visual Arts, however due to the challenge of spelling the name and wanting to become a team agency of like minded designers, the name was changed to VAVA Graphics. From there we gained a popular reputation among-st small business owners in Charlotte, and started working on corporate projects. Since then, we have served over 250 businesses in Charlotte, and look forward to helping every business reach their goals through design.

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Why We Are Different - The Relationships

Unlike most design agencies, your goals, size, or projects are all accepted equally. If you need a personal photo cropped, Or need a corporate re-branding for a Fortune 500 company, your project is a priority to us. To maintain our core values, we want everyone to enjoy, and accomplish goals no matter the size. We create relationships that last a lifetime, and value each clients business. You are not a number, you are family.

Our designers are motivated and provided incentive to do their best work. Whether its awarding extra vacation days, or all expense paid family trips. We make sure our designers are treated with respect, and recognized for their work, because without them, we are nothing.

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Strategy Led Design


Charlotte Headshot Photography

Strategy Led Design

Unlike most design agencies, we sit down one-on-one with you and your company, allowing us to learn about your goals, vision, ideas, and core values. Prior to talking about design, we want to further understand your clients wants and needs. This will help us bridge the gap that will drive consumers to your company. We conduct extensive research into your competitors and other logos and brands that inspire you, so upon the logo creation process, we know what to stay away from, what works, compels, and thrives for your company.

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Logo Design Process

The Secret Sauce - Why We Provide Results

The secret is simple. We stay educated, excel in communication, and are an established fluid agency without limits or debt. This is not the case with most agencies out there. Our fluidity allows us to access highly professional designers around the USA to help assist in any project we need, giving you the best work possible. Every designer we use full time is required to read communication & business recommended books to help further their communication skills. We attend design summits, pay for continuous education, and learn for the top agencies in the world on design trends, market changes, and business growth.
Best of all we are a debt free agency. This gives us the flexibility to save clients money, make better spending decisions, and utilize any extra tools needed to produce the results you expect.

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Hours Of Operation
Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm EST

3540 Torigndon Way Suite 200
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