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About Vava Graphics - Get To Know Us

10 Years of helping brands. about our agency.

Our history started with falling in love with Charlotte, and having the goal of serving our community. We still hold that goal today but on a much larger scale. Our history of design and photography had led to where we are today, and we are excited you are a part of it. Let's create history together.









Our mission is to make an impact
with every business in charlotte

Charlotte is our home, our family, and our livelihood. We love this city down to our core. We want Charlotte to become the next city for designers and creative artists to feel at home, and for businesses small or large to thrive. Our mission is to help every company in Charlotte move forward and make an impact in the community through our design services we offer and our creative knowledge we have gained. We are passionate about helping startups, small businesses, and corporate entities succeed in a competitive marketplace like Charlotte.

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Welcome To VAVA Graphics

Welcome to VAVA Graphics, a thriving community comprising visionary entrepreneurs, talented designers, business owners, and accomplished marketing professionals, all united by a singular objective: fostering the advancement of businesses and corporations over in the United States, while simultaneously enhancing the lives of consumers and communities. Our services extend far beyond Charlotte, North Carolina; we are a nationwide design agency catering to businesses across diverse industries, channels, and marketing requisites. Through our expertise in logo design, website development, and comprehensive marketing strategies, we empower enterprises to achieve exponential growth and pave the way for a brighter future, benefitting everyone involved.

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Our History - How We Started

We started small, helping the little guy become successful among giants. 2012 was the founding year we decided to make a larger impact in our community. The acronym "VAVA" Stands for Van Aken Visual Arts, named after owner Tristan Van Aken. Ramping up, we started cultivating and headhunting the best designers and strategists in the USA to join our team. Our goal was not just to help businesses grow, but to use the best of the best to make that happen. From there we gained a popular reputation amongst business owners and corporations in Charlotte, providing a high standard of service unseen anywhere else in our industry. Since then, we have served over 1,000 businesses grow around the USA visually & financially, through strategy led design.

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Relationships Are Key - Why We Are Different

Unlike most design agencies, your goals, size, or projects are all accepted equally. If you need a personal photo cropped, Or need a corporate re-branding for a Fortune 500 company, your project is a priority to us. To maintain our core values, we want everyone to enjoy, and accomplish goals no matter the size. We create relationships that last a lifetime, and value each clients business. You are not a number, you are family.You won't find generic, cheap, or unprofessional service with us. From the moment you walk into our door until the day you die, you become a part of our family. We embrace servitude with a hungry ambition to help our clients grow, because in our beliefs we know we can't succeed at the highest level until we help you succeed first.

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The Secret - Why We Provide Results

The secret is simple. We stay educated, excel in communication, and are an established fluid agency without limits or debt. This is not the case with most agencies out there. Our fluidity allows us to access highly professional designers around the USA to help assist in any project we need, giving you the best work possible. Every one of our designers have passed a rigorous design process. We attend design summits, pay for continuous education, and learn from the top agencies in the world on design trends, market changes, and business growth.

Best of all we are strategists alongside artists. Our knowledge in business and finances gives us the edge needed to put an action plan in place, while understanding your business concerns and goals so you see growth through effective design and strategy.

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Read some of our client testimonials and reviews to get a better idea of our results.

"Tristan and his team always pull through, they played a critical role in not only launching a new company, but rebuilding an existing company’s marketing strategy. What VAVA brings to the table is more than just design work, but a solution for your company’s marketing needs."

cast lighting
Lighting Manufacturer

"Tristan and his group are phenomenal! They delivered every aspect of our branding and logo. From beginning to end, they kept in constant contact gave multiple updates along the way. If you want your brand to be remembered, VAVA Graphics is the way to go!"

adrenaline junkies
Motoplex & Enthusiasts

"Our experience with guys were incredible! We heard about the quality and I must say we were impressed by that. But what blew us away was the mindset and strategies on how you guys help take other businesses to the next level. You guys have definitely increased our wisdom which means you all increased the value of our business!"

eugene Williams
Owner of NuLife Fit

"I HIGHLY recommend the VAVA team. They have worked very hard with our new rebrand and have always been VERY quick to respond to changes and or updates. We have gone through 3 website guys and I have been with VAVA for 3.5 years now. I do not plan on changing. Very good company!"

Chris Salerno
Owner, QC Capital

"Tristan has been a key and vital asset to my business over the years. He and his team can be credited for much success that I have had. With every call, planned or frantic, and every email; Tristan has been the key to solving our issues. As long as our doors remain open as a business, Tristan and his team will continue to be part of our process and journey together."

Matt Starnes
Owner, Hospitality Butler

"VAVA has been great to work with. We’ve been working together for the last 3 years, and they continue to help my business tremendously with branding, website design, marketing strategies, etc. The design process was very thorough. He gave us several, long-term, things to consider related to branding and brand awareness and his service has been invaluable."

Raymond White
Owner, SPC Financial

"VAVA Graphics is the best company we have seen for Graphic design work. Very skilled, high quality, professional group of people to work with."

Ethan Wallace
Wallace Home Realty

"I have never received such personal customer service from any business I've worked with. VAVA Graphics took my digital marketing needs and created a massive pool of new clients over the past couple years. Not to mentioned they worked with my budget and created custom designs at no extra cost. Lifetime customer."

Thomas Jennings
Owner, Thomas Trucking

"Had Tristan build our website and logo and they did a fantastic job for us. Would highly recommend them to everyone!"

JASO Concrete
Concrete Installer

"Super awesome, super friendly and helpful and worked with us to get exactly what we needed. Thank you to Tristan and the group for being such a helpful resource! I would recommend them to anyone."

Kelly Wilson
Owner, Outer Beaches Realty

"Superb content and the staff is stellar. 10/10 would recommend!"

CDL Driving SChool
Trucking School

"I rarely post reviews but have to say how blown away I was by Tristan and his team at VAVA Graphics!  They handled 5 huge collage art pictures for my dental office and although they were given about 400+ pictures to get to perfection, the project was done in just 3 days! Highly highly recommend!!!"

Dr. Medul Gadhia
Owner, Periocare

"I spoke to a few designers / developers and decided to work with VAVA Graphics for their expertise and customer service. I was overwhelmed at first speaking with the other designers because I didn't understand the techy terms. I was impressed with how expeditious they were. I love my webpage!

IHL Self
Therapy Practice