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We are a professional logo design agency in Charlotte, NC., dedicated to building powerful brands, professional logos, and memorable visuals that make an impact in the community and bring consumers to businesses around Charlotte. Through strategy led design & a team of highly curated professionals, we eliminate any risk that arises when making a decision to hire a logo design agency for your business or corporation.










Our logos are more than just a piece of art. They tell a story, share a vision, and provide value to the consumer. We create a logo that drives revenue and inspires the community through strategy-led design. We design logos that inspire. Using logo design, we create effective logos, expressing a companies views, beliefs, and personality, that resonates with customers and nurtures client relationships. We make sure to take our time with the creative process so we can provide the perfect logo.


Charlotte Logo Design

Logo Design Without Risk

Your entire brand is anchored around your logo, so we take logo design very seriously. The right logo should be simple, versatile, and well-crafted for the proper feel. A logo can make, or break a company if not designed correctly the first time. With over 50 years of combined experience, we minimize your risk when designing a logo that best represents you and your company. We combine our clients' passion and industry knowledge with our design expertise to land on something that compels your customers to work with you. With not just logo design, but strategy & discovery in place, your vision becomes a work of art for others to buy into.

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Strategy Led Logo Design

In everything you do in business, there is always a strategy in place to make sure it operates efficiently and correctly. Design is no different. Most agencies are designers or business strategists, but rarely are they both. This poses a major risk when working on branding. Many design agencies can create a work of art, but without the research on your industry, competitors, design trends, company revenue goals, consumer outlook, company vision/goals, core values, etc. That work of art has no value. We bridge the gap between the design and strategy to make certain we minimize risk, and create an effective brand that provides value to the company and consumer. Its compelling, impactful, and exciting.

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Strategy Led Design


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Strategy Led Design

Unlike most design agencies, we sit down one-on-one with you and your company, allowing us to learn about your goals, vision, ideas, and core values. Prior to talking about design, we want to further understand your clients wants and needs. This will help us bridge the gap that will drive consumers to your company. We conduct extensive research into your competitors and other logos and brands that inspire you, so upon the logo creation process, we know what to stay away from, what works, compels, and thrives for your company.

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Logo Design Process

The Logo Design Process

If you are looking for a "design a logo quick" process, or a cheap (freelancer) logo design, we are probably not the right fit for you. We make sure to take our time with the creative process, and eliminate any risk to your company. From sit-downs to presentations in our office, we make sure you have complete clarity on our styles, design concepts, and art directions that we choose. A logo is a pivotal tool for your brand, and we don't rush that. We provide a unique design process based on our strategy and discovery session so we can maximize our time and yours, and provide professional & unique results that will stand the test of time and impact your community.

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