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Our Charlotte website design agency has provided companies, non-profits, and startups with the perfect website design solution found in today's digital market. Our web solutions offer high SEO optimization and efficient development, all with expert design techniques. We create custom website designs (not templates) for each client, regardless of size.

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YOUR website SHOULD Attract
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Your website does two things. It either attracts customers or repels them. There is no gray area. We always keep this in mind throughout and even after our website design process. Your website should compel viewers to shop from your business and buy into your brand to keep them coming back for more. Our goal is to nurture relationships through your online presence. Many web designers can create visually attractive website designs or highly effective traffic producers, but rarely both. The ones that can generate both use templates or cookie-cutter website design methods that don't give you a competitive advantage over your competition. We are part of the 1% that correctly builds websites that convert, attract, and are customized fully to your business needs and goals.


Custom Website Design & No Hidden Fees

Our websites are developed, maintained, and designed according to our client's business goals and strategies. Our unique web development platform allows for fully customized designs that enhance your brand and reputation. We aim to create websites that place you ahead of your competitors online, both strategically and visually, so potential consumers can discover, curate relationships, and build trust with your brand instead of your competition.

At VAVA Graphics, we design websites for companies or corporations of any size. Whether you need a 10-page design or 1000+ e-commerce superstore, we are here to develop the perfect web solution that meets your needs.

We do not use templates, copies, or DIY solutions you may find with many other website design agencies in the marketplace. We provide a personal web education course, so your in-house team can quickly and efficiently add, edit, and maintain your website directly on-page. We also offer retainer packages for added support if desired.

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Custom Designed & Tailored For Your Business

Why limit yourself to templates or cookie-cutter website designs that you can find with multiple other companies on the web. We create fully custom website designs; you won't see them anywhere else. With unique visual effects, fast speeds, advanced SEO, and strategy-led design, we can create a visual masterpiece that is sure to blow your competition out of the water. Professional web designs are not made with drag and drop templates or DIY sites like WordPress or Wix. If you can imagine it, we can design it.

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Web Design Strategy

In everything you do in business, there is always a strategy to ensure it operates efficiently and correctly. Website design is no different. Most agencies are designers or business strategists (or consultants). But rarely are they both. This poses a significant risk when working on web design. Each website should meet five main requirements: Appealing design, easy navigation, advanced SEO, high performance, and effective conversion. Most web designers and developers fall short in these areas. Having a strategy in place to get ahead of your competition is a crucial part of website design. We provide a completely customized web design solution covering all the bases while placing you organically above your competitors.

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Website Design Cost & Investment

The cost of website design widely depends on the needs of each company and the discovery and strategy session we conduct before providing a quote. You can expect to invest between $10,000 - $20,000 + depending on company size, budget, deliverable needs, and much more for hiring any design agency. Check out our article below for a more in-depth look at how professional websites are calculated.

If you are looking for a low-cost website design solution, we recommend looking at templated design platforms such as Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace. Freelancers often work with these platforms for a lower cost. There are many templates to choose from to launch your business. Though limited on customization, performance, and potentially ranking, there are usually enough options to get you started in the right direction.

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