The Peaceful Paw

Logo Creation & Packaging Design To Start & Increase Production & Revenue

Logo Design - Branding Strategy - Packaging Design

We worked closely with The Peaceful Paw to create a branding strategy and logo for their organic dog massage & essential oils company. After creating the logo we were asked to design & create product labels to match their brand.


The Peaceful Paw

They Needed An Effective Logo Design & Product Packaging For Production

When meeting with the owners of The Peaceful Paw, they were needing an effective logo that told a story and possibly packaging design for production. They came across several unqualified designers who were creating generic content. They wanted their project done correctly and professionally. Production deadlines were coming up and they wanted a logo for a website and packaging.


Create An Effective & Valuable Logo That Emulated Their Vision

We designed an effective logo with the owners dog, representing a large portion of why she started her company, and allowing her to tell her story. Using a dog & lavender as the main piece, it allowed the customers to understand the ingredients and that the content is for dogs, while allowing for a good conversation starter. Best of all, it is not a generic logo which most pet companies use.

Create An Effective & Valuable Logo That Emulated Their Vision


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The Peaceful Paw

The Completed Logo & Packaging Increased Sales & Made An Impression In Charlotte NC.

After creating the logo and packaging design for The Peaceful Paw, the owners were ecstatic. Sales increased heavily, and The Charlotte Agenda asked to write an article on the thriving company. Multiple label reorders were printed or new inventory within 30 days since units were selling so quickly. After 3 months, we sat down and worked on a cost analysis strategy to help increase sales, units sold, and opening an ecommerce store for bulk ordering.



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