Project Snapchat

Rebranding Snapchats Theme For A More Effective User Experience.

UX Design - Graphic Design - Branding Strategy

Creating a dark themed, and new look for the Snapchat brand was an exciting journey filled with multiple designer collaborations, ideas, and concepts to ultimately give the consumer a user experience best suited for both light and dark environments.


Project Snapchat

Consumer Use Reports Suggest Lower App Use Due To Eye Strain

Based on consumer reports and data collection, Snapchats username on the app slightly fell with the leading cause pertaining to the light theme style currently used on their platform. They are seeking alternative strategies to help increase viewing times, while easing the reports of eye strain. Snapchat also recognized that depending on the users mobile device settings, there may need to be an option for lower illumination controls. They also requested an updated animation of their current light theme, in case of any issues that may rise with the dark theme.


Create A Dark Themed User Interface With Advanced Animations

After discussing strategy and going over several options, we came to the conclusion that creating a dark themed skin would allow any tension on the eyes of their users to reduce substantially. Using advanced animation will prevent the users from focusing on any one light area to prevent eye strain. Settings would be implemented to allow the users to darken their screen, keyboard, and notification to help reduce eye strain as well. We also created a heavily animated light theme as a branding update for their app platform.

Create A Dark Themed User Interface With Advanced Animations


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Project Snapchat

Scientific Testing Results Led To Less Eye Strain - Beta Testers Liked New Animation

After months of testing and data accumulation, the results led to a %73 reduction of eye strain among beta testers, and a %96 reduction among optical lab tests. This showed that the dark theme and settings would allow users of Snapchat to remain active on the app for longer periods without causing eye strain, however if/when the interface is launched to the public, there is no way of knowing if users will remain on the app longer due to the new design.



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