Top 10 Reasons SEO Is Important For Your Business - The Ultimate Guide

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must have investment that will send clients directly to your company. Below are the top reasons to invest in SEO for your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Get Connected.

Published On:
March 25, 2021

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important investments you can make for your business. This top 10 ultimate guide will provide the most important reasons why you should consider investing in SEO.


Get Found Organically On Google With SEO

1. Your Business Can't Be Found Organically Without SEO, Even When People Are Searching for Your Services.

Google handles over 75,000 queries per second. That's over 2.4 trillion people searching for something on Google every year. It is hard to imagine anyone not using Google at some point in their life to help answer a question or look for a reliable product or service. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows a company to be first in line (or on page one) on Google when searching for a subject.

Let’s put this into a real-life example…

What was the last thing you searched for on Google? Once you typed it into Google, how many pages did you go through before you clicked on a link that gave you what you were looking for? Page 1? Page 2? Page 3? It was probably no further than page 1.

Now add your company into the mix. Don’t use your company name, but if you typed in “(Your industry service) in (your city)” and hit enter. Would your company show on the first page? Since most people find what they are looking for on page one of Google, you are missing out if they are not looking at you, even though your product or service may be better.

This is what proper SEO allows #1. The structure of your website, words you use, images you see, and content you provide all tell Google that you should be placed on their search engine. SEO allows you to exist on search engines so potential customers can find you and buy from you instead of your competitors.

2. SEO Gives Your Company Credibility & Value

People put their faith in the results Google provides. Google is used every day, and people find that the first couple of results are usually credible companies that will provide a good service and has good reviews. Therefore, most people click on the first and second link results to find what they are looking for.

By having good SEO, and ranking on the first page of Google, your company automatically is trusted by searchers, and provides instant credibility. In turn you will gain more business, reviews and references.

Save Money With SEO

3. You Can Save Money & Customers with Good SEO.

If you are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising, flyers, promotional items, or attending events, SEO may be a good option to consider. SEO is cost effective, long lasting when implemented correctly, and will give you a high ROI over time.

You can save money and time by investing in SEO versus taking time to prepare and attend events, as well as spending money for flyers, ads, and prints. SEO is a low risk, high reward investment.

4. SEO Can Convert Prospects Problems into Your Solutions (Customers)

Going back to the first reason SEO is important for your business, when people are searching for solutions to their problems, they look for a blog post or article that can give them answers (like the one you are reading now). By providing a solution to a problem, people will not only see your company’s article helping them, but at times may choose to give you a call to fix their problem for them if they are considering hiring a professional.

This is all thanks to SEO. By people finding your article, they have your company in the back of their mind to purchase from or hire. Google rewards companies for providing solutions to their user’s problems, by increasing exposure of your work.

SEO Rank #1 On Google

5. SEO Will Prevent Your Competition from Taking Customers from You

Right now, people are hiring someone to solve their problem from a search they did on Google. If you don’t have proper SEO on your website, they are going to your competitor. That is an instant loss of a potential customer for your business.

Most of the time your competition is not paying for SEO, they just happen to have better content than most other companies in your industry. By hiring a professional SEO expert, you now have the ability to not only beat your competitor and gain the customers that were being sent to them, you can build a SEO platform that will stay in the front for years.

Don’t risk losing customers to your competitors from not having SEO. It is worth having a SEO professional on your side to run a report on your competition, so you know transition those potential customers to you.

6. A Proper SEO Strategy Will Last for Years. Providing A Reliable Stream of New Customers

SEO takes time to build depending on your industry and competition. Most of the time it takes six to twelve months to start seeing hard results. This is because Google needs time to scan your content and compare it to what is out there now.

The great news is that when built properly, once you start getting customers coming in, that stream of searches become consistent. People who search for content your site provides will continue reaching out to you repeatedly.

Maintaining and adding SEO rich content will only increase the number of customers calling your business each month, over time. SEO gets better with age when monitored and adjusted for Googles best practices.

Measure Your SEO Analytics

7. SEO Is Controllable & Measurable

When considering investing in SEO, it is important to see who is searching for what, and how often are people searching. This information is open to the public, so you can scan and search for topics and content that will filter the most people to your business. You can view the number of people searching for a topic per month to choose which keywords, content, and data you want to provide.

If you already have SEO, you can see your progress over time. This allows you to monitor your rank and position on Google for certain keywords, pages, and content so you can make the necessary changes to stay on top.

There is literally limitless data you can see and track to increase business, moderate and filter certain client demographics, and bring your website and business to the top of the ranks.

8. Long-Term SEO Provides A High Return on Investment

Once you have SEO established you will start seeing a high return on your investment. SEO optimization is cheaper than advertising, and if you stop monitoring and adjusting it, your traffic does not immediately stop. It may fade over several years, but you still have a strong presence and will have a steady stream of traffic coming to your business.

By maintaining SEO, most of the time your cost will not change. If it does change it will not be nearly as much as the amount of profit you will make from new clients coming to your business. Your customers will increase monthly while your cost will stay relatively the same, providing you a low risk, high reward, long-term return on investment.

Insights Of What Your Customers See

9. SEO Can Give You Insights of What Your Customers Want To See

Have you ever wondered what your customers are looking for the most online? With SEO you can directly see what people are searching for in your industry. Let’s put this in an example.

Let’s say you paint insides, and outsides of homes for a living. You have had a lot of outdoor siding painting but are looking for more customers.

Using SEO tools and professionals, we find out that 3,000 people per month are looking for outdoor exterior siding painters in your area. However, 15,300 people are searching for interior wall painting for homes in your area. We would recommend adding pages or tailoring your website to cater to those searching for the interior painting since there are more searches, therefore potentially more new customers than the outdoor painting.

SEO can give you a very useful amount of information on your ideal customer so you can better serve them and lead them to your company.

10. SEO Will Allow You To Stop Paying For Advertisements

Many (we mean a heap ton) of businesses are “sold” on buying paid advertisements to immediately place their website on the first page of Google, falsely thinking this is SEO. This can become very costly, even if you are getting results. Worst of all as soon as you stop paying for these advertisements, your traffic stops with it immediately.

While we do recommend using ads for the first 6 months while your SEO is being built and populated by Google, once your placed on the first page of google, you no longer have to pay for advertising since your business is listed organically on the first page. This saves you money in the long run and gives you the opportunity to reinvest that spending somewhere else in your company.

We do want to be clear. Advertising is not always a bad thing. It is a very useful tool to gain new clients and has its place. We just want to clarify that it is not a cost-effective option for replacing organic SEO built professionally.

Conclusion - Next Steps

In Conclusion – Next Steps

We hope this helps clarify why SEO is important to for your business and gives you a little more knowledge when deciding.

SEO is amazing and powerful when established through a professional and built correctly. If you are considering using an SEO professional but have more questions about whether it would fit into your budget, or if your company needs SEO at this time, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to look at where you are at now, and how you are doing with the SEO you currently have.

Some companies we recommend not hiring an SEO professional, simply because they have no competition or have a specific niche that doesn’t require it. Either way you stand, we would love to help your business grow, and at least point you in the right direction for the future.

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